IILA is working with Honduras in the following international law capability-enhancing projects:

Protecting Marine Biological Diversity in the Oceans (since May 2018): The health of the oceans is under critical attack from a host of angles. The need to ensure the long-term life of the mass of marine life in the seas beyond the control of any one country is vital – and IILA is supporting Honduras in navigating the global treaty negotiations that commenced in September 2018. This complex process is intended to lead to a global agreement that protects marine biological diversity while also ensuring a fair and equitable process for access and benefit sharing to resources that may be found in these oceans. Setting the foundation of understanding of these complicated international law areas will allow Honduras to present its own values and needs as part of this process. 


A Global Pact for the Environment (since August 2018): Large gaps remain in the law in protecting the environment across the planet – in Honduras and beyond. An initiative was commenced in 2016 to prepare a Global Pact on the Environment to address some of these issues. Negotiations amongst States commenced in March 2018 and IILA is working with Honduras to proactively and preemptively understand the legal obligations that may be raised, the potential gaps existing in the current international environmental law regime, and how Honduras can engage most fruitfully in seeking greater global protection of the environment through legal tools. IILA is preparing Honduras’ understanding of what the legal holes are, and how to balance securing better environmental laws while supporting their needs for sustainable development. IILA’s help will secure sustainable and environmental protection in Honduras – and help ensure a cleaner environment with real enforcement becomes a global legal obligation on all countries.

Daniel Stewart