In 2018, IILA helped work to address the many concerns facing migrants today. IILA worked on the long-term protection and preservation of the oceans. IILA examined the gaps that exist in the global legal protection of the environment. IILA helped a number of State partners to protect their rights and the rights of its people. Working with the poorest of States requires the kindness of generous donors who share our vision of a more just and equal world of fair laws, in which every nation has access to such expertise.

  • If you care about stopping climate change - you care about international law.

  • If you care about protecting human rights - you care about international law.

  • If you care about economic development spread equally across the globe - you care about international law.

  • If you care about upholding peace and security amongst peoples - you care about international law. 

IILA’s services are unique because we take on the role of our State Partners’ “in-house counsel” and work closely with developing nations to build their own international legal capacity. We aren't just legal services providers: We're capacity-builders and collaborators. We provide the training and guidance our partners need, focused on such core topics of human rights protection, sustainable economic development, or protecting the world’s environment. We also work with some of the best law schools and best law firms in the world to enhance our ability to raise the voice of small and developing nations. This emphasis on collaboration and capacity-building multiplies the effectiveness of our work and of your gifts. Our developing country clients are finally have their voices heard in this vital field – and become proactive shapers of the law, not passive acceptors of others’ intentions.

There are so many more cases of need. Of investment and trade deals struck with limited legal input at the negotiations; of no inputs made from small and developing countries to international law-making bodies, but rules made that apply to and affect their peoples; and of commitments to international human rights law made complicated by an overload of obligations and reporting requirements that just cannot be met within existing resources.

IILA has started its work for our partners and with your support, we can do more. We can add more experts to our team. We can build our network of collaborating institutions. We can provide more legal support services to build the long-term capacity of more nations. We can work to make international law work the way it should – for justice and peace for all peoples. Together with you, we can help developing nations enjoy their full rights and at the same time, avoid unnecessary and extravagant legal costs that would better go toward schools, health care, and economic development.

We're asking for your help because we know that you care about justice, equality, and the rule of law.




IILA wishes to thank all of its supporters who make our work for global fairness through global law possible. A particular thanks to the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation

IILA's State partners have already benefited from incredible pro bono international law support, and IILA thanks those supporters, including: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP; Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP; Paul Hastings LLP; UCLA School of Law; University of Richmond School of Law; Brian McGarry of the University of Geneva; Verwiel & Van der Voort; William S. Hein & Co. 




IILA's work with peoples across the globe covers a wide range of issues - from international criminal law to environmental protection. As well as advertised positions and internships, we always welcome support from international lawyers with expertise and experience - or those seeking more of each! Please contact us via the Contact page.