how it works


Many States are simply not able to fully engage with international law due to a lack of resources and expertise. As a result, not all voices are heard and not all needs are taken into account. The vast growth in the reach of international law in recent years has only deepened this gap. 

IILA works to address this gap. What makes IILA distinct is that its advisers act as supplementary “in-house counsel”, offering a strategic approach to legal analysis and advice. Our legal advisers collaborate alongside the existing legal departments of our State partners to supplement and support existing capabilities in international law research and strategy.

The overwhelming costs and excessive risk of waiting until things go wrong and then turning to outside lawyers is not where real change can come from. Collaborating with IILA is not outsourcing. Instead, IILA focuses on enhancing the capacity of disadvantaged countries to engage with international law.




The first step to building our State partner relationship is the completion of the Needs Assessment Exercise. 

IILA undertakes an analysis of a State partner’s existing resources, goals and needs. IILA discusses with each State partner on which issues and approaches to concentrate. This exercise encourages IILA and our State partners to identify key topics and services that will most benefit from IILA’s support.

IILA then creates a tailor-made work plan for each State partner, including targeted activities set against appropriate timelines, outcomes and available resources. The work plan is flexible and responsive to emerging needs as they arise. As the relationship with each State partner progresses, the work plan is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that IILA continues to support the goals and needs of the State partner. 




IILA aims to build long-term relationships with its State partners, based on trust and collaboration. Prior to becoming a State partner, IILA will discuss a fee structure based on the State partner’s development status, and tailored to the available resources and specific needs of the State.

IILA undertakes the Needs Assessment Exercise with each new State partner, and creates a roadmap of tasks. IILA is committed to regular evaluation and assessment of the contribution it is making to meet its State partners’ goals. Consistent State partner contact is an essential component to the model of partnership and collaboration that IILA is based on. 

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